Monday, March 7, 2011

My Life in the Now

I spent the weekend with my wonderful daughter down in Irvine.  We shopped til we literally dropped, we ate (too much), we watched movies and we laughed (a lot). For whatever reason, while I was down there, I decided I wanted to start blogging. I'm not really sure why but here it goes.

So, I find myself in this new place in life, an empty nester. To understand where I am today I need to back up almost 25 years. WOW! June 17, 1986 I graduated from Serra High School in San Diego, CA.  Two days later we moved to the big old town of Fredonia, AZ. My dad was being sent to Japan for a year, so mom and the kids would live there while he was gone. I was to spend the summer there until going to BYU in the fall. I took a job from the paper babysitting for the summer. On July, 9th my dad left for Japan. On July 12 the family I was sitting for set me up with their cousin Robert.  The rest, as they say, is history. Just nine months after we wed along came Samuel.  So, to make a long story, short after 23+ years of child rearing my husband and I are actually getting to spend more time together, which after all, is the reason we got married in the first place.

I love being a mom and wife! I love doing things for my family. I have spent the last 23+ years running between baseball, basketball, football, track, cross country, gymnastics, ballet, piano, choir and who knows how many church obligations. After so many years of running, now there isn't so much running. So, I find myself searching for my new role in life. How do I stay busy and be productive while at the same time enjoy this new freedom? I want to accomplish things and be involved without being over scheduled and dragged down. I want freedom to do what I want to do; to take off to go see my kids, to play with my granddaughter when she arrives, to go visit my parents, and to take off with my husband, but I still want to have pupose and meaning to my life. I am attempting to find balance.

So, why the blog? Not sure yet.  I am hoping to share memories and things I've learned while at the same time share my current ups, downs, and ah ha moments.