Thursday, August 11, 2011

Change is Good

So today has been one month of my new exercise regime.  I am up to running a mile and a half now.  Slow and steady wins the race in the weight loss department though, I'm losing about a pound a week.  BUT, that I am actually able to run that far without dying is a great achievement.  There have been other changes in my life as well.  I am proud to announce (I should be ashamed) that after 28 years, I have quit watching The Young and the Restless. Its been a month now and I am amazed at how little the tv is on now-a-days.  Also, another habit (one which was not taught to me by my parents) is my Diet Coke issue.  You will be pleased to know that I have cut back greatly on my intake.  I was drinking 1-3, 42 oz cups a day.  It started as  a financial thing.  One day Bob and I were sitting at Wendy's waiting to pay for our DC's and he was holding the 17 quarters in his hand.  He said "Wow, that's a lot of quarters and we're trading them in for 2 cups of colored water."  So, we decided that we would quit buying them unless we were out to dinner or at the movies (we DO have a well stocked vending machine in our backyard you know).  I do still drink it without guilt, but I have cut back.

As for the rest of my life, things are changing there too.  Bob and I had Wood Design for 8 years.  The last 2 years were rough.  So, in February we closed and Bob took a job as the plant manager for another larger cabinet shop.  To say that the owner was the "Boss from You Know Where" is an understatement.  It was a relief in a way when he was let go on July 12.  Three weeks later he started at Barbosa Cabinets (he worked there from 99-02).  He's handling commercial sales in mid to high rise buildings in the Bay area.  It's a new direction for him , but if anyone can do it he can.

Sometimes in life we change of our own accord and others times we're forced into change. It's all in how we handle it.  I'm thankful that I have my wonderful husband and family to be there and support me when life changes.

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  1. Congrats on the weight loss. It's hard work, but I'm sure you're seeing the rewards. The tough times are hard, but I've learned I wouldn't do some of the great things I've done if the boat hadn't gotten a little rocky. Keep up the great work!